Port Robinson Road is a thriller/mystery/drama film in development from Professional Voice Artist and Independent filmmaker Dave McRae.


The film is based on true events from Dave's second year of College from November 2000. The screenplay, in which Dave also wrote, was completed several years ago, but continues to go through re-writes and revisions.


McRae began writing the screenplay in 2005, and has stated from the very beginning, that Port Robinson Road is not a horror film.



"I never intended it to be a horror film. Even when I was learning how to write screenplays in college, this was something I knew was very important. At the time, I wasn't entirely sure what the story would be and how I would base it on my actual experiences. But I certainly knew what I didn't want it to be. And that was your modern, everyday horror film dealing with this particular subject matter."



As of 2018, McRae says the story continues to go through re-writes and polishing.



"The story needs to be solid. It needs to be the story I want to tell. I take this project very seriously. Many things have happened to me in my life since I started writing the screenplay in 2005. Many things that have influenced my outlook on what that "right" story should be. It takes time. It takes patience. But it will happen. We're nearly there."



McRae says the experiences that happened to him and others while investigating the house on Port Robinson Road were very real.



"I'm well aware I sound like a loony to most of the people out there who don't believe in this kind of phenomena. And I can't prove with absolute certainty to anyone that what was happening was real. I can only tell my story in hopes those who are skeptical, which is a good way to be,  keep an open mind. It not only changed my life, but many of the lives of the people who were with me."