Freaquently Asked Questions


Q: What is Port Robinson Road?


A: Port Robinson Road is the name of the street where an abandoned farmhouse was located many years ago. The house was the   focal point of an unusual and what was believed to be a paranormal experience that took place. It is also the title of the screenplay and film that has been written based on the experience. 




Q: Why do you want to make this film?


A: Great question! Put simply, I truly feel with every fibre of my being that I have the vision and passion to bring something very unique to the genre. The real life experiences at the house on Port Robinson Road were so wonderfully odd, weird, confusing, scary, and unusual, that I have always known it would make a wonderful and compelling foundation for a broader story.  


The story of Port Robinson Road is not a stereotypical one. It's not about gratuitous violence with lots of blood, guts, and gore. Nor does it rely on the excessive stereotypes of the college generation that is often depicted in many modern films dealing with this subject matter. Port Robinson Road is a fresh perspective on a generation and genre greatly needed.


Today, and for quite some time, we have been saturated with reality TV nonsense of supposed paranormal phenomena, and are consistently told (subliminally through marketing and sensationalism) to fear what we don't know. It's marketing genius at its best. Working in the Television and Film industry I can assure you that most of what you see on these shows is scripted and sensationalized for nothing more than your entertainment.


Don't get me wrong, we all love to be entertained; it's healthy and fun! And who doesn't love a good ghost story that sends goose bumps up and down the back of our neck? But our society has become so saturated with television and marketing nonsense that we have become desensitized. So much so, that many believe every bump in the night is their dead grandfather coming to see them or an evil entity breaking through from the evil world beyond our walls.


Many associate paranormal activity to mean floorboards moving, walls bleeding, people levitating, and lamps being picked up and tossed across the room. We have the mainstream Hollywood horror films to thank for this. And again, please don't get me wrong, I have really enjoyed many of those movies too! They are often wonderfully creepy and very entertaining. But the story of Port Robinson Road is utilized a bit differently. I believe it's time to tell a story that is not only frightening, wonderfully atmospheric, intense and spooky, but also grounded, mature, and intelligent. I believe Port Robinson Road is that story. 

Q: What are your thoughts on "Ghost Hunting"?

A: Ghost hunting doesn't answer any questions. EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) doesn't answer any questions. The strange and unusual image in photographs and on video doesn’t answer any questions. And dreams of your dead relatives don't either. They just create new ones. To truly understand what this phenomena all means (or if there really is something more beyond this world) we must start from the very beginning. And that beginning is a simple question... what happens when we die?





Q: Is the house still there?



A: No, the house sadly burned to the ground in February of 2002




Q: Do you believe the house burned to the ground because of something paranormal?


A: No. Although it was never determined why the house burned to the ground, common sense should tell you it was deliberately set on fire.




Q: When did this experience happen to you and your college friends?


A: From November 2000 - April 2001




Q: What kind of story is this?


A: Contrary to what people might expect or assume, Port Robinson Road is NOT a horror story. The future film will NOT be a horror film.  The film is being written as a Mystery/Thriller/Drama.




Q: Do you believe in ghosts?


A: I believe that something survives the death process. My personal experience at the house on Port Robinson Road has made me very open to this. It also opened the minds of the many others who I experienced it with.




Q: Are you looking for people to donate money to help fund your film.


A: I am not looking for anyone to donate money to help fund this project at this present time. No one credible and a working professional in the industry is going to stumble upon this site, like what they hear, and write a check. lol. It doesn't work that way.


 What I am looking for however is exposure and support. Not for popularity or financial gain, but to help market and bring awareness to the experience and story. You can help by telling your friends, your family and anyone you know who you think might be interested in supporting and knowing more about the story of Port Robinson Road and the future film to come.  You can show your support by joining the Official Facebook Page and telling me your most unusual paranormal experience.




Q: How can I support bringing your film to life?


A: You can join the official Facebook page and tell me your most unusual paranormal experience and spread the word to friends and family who also may be interested in the paranormal.  You can also go to the Show your support page on this website and tell me in a 100 words or less why you believe or don't believe in the paranormal phenomena.




Q: Can a production company, studio or producer donate money?


A: Production companies, producers and/or studios don't usually donate money. After all, this is a business and investors are looking to make their money back, and hopefully, some kind of a profit in the end once the film has been completed and released to the public.